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Respect is essential to success at school
May 29, 2024

By Kai, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin | “Every person deserves to be respected.”

Those are words from East Norriton Middle School Principal Mr. Hutchinson. He says every single person deserves respect simply because we are all human beings.

What is respect? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, respect is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says that when people show kindness and respect, their brain releases what we call the “happy” chemical, also known as serotonin.

Several East Norriton teachers say respect of others is important within the classrooms, gym, and lunchroom.

Mrs. Maffei, a seventh-grade math teacher, said, “It’s most important because it makes people feel good and accepted. It makes people feel positive.”

Mrs. Pugliese, an eighth-grade math teacher, said respect is all about trust. “I think respect makes people trust each other, so if you garner respect from someone else, they are going to trust you more.”

Other teachers said respect has to do with paying attention to how you want to be treated.

“Respect is important because you should always follow the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated,” said Ms. Brennan, a fifth-grade English teacher.

“Respect is important in everyday life because it is the way that you want to be treated and the way you treat others,” said Mrs. Garvey, an eighth-grade science teacher. “If you are kind and respectful to me, I am going to be respectful right back. I’ll treat you like I treat anybody else.”

Other teachers said respect helps self-esteem.

“Respect is important because if you feel respected, it helps your self worth, helps you feel better about yourself,” said eighth-grade social studies teacher Mrs. MBuy.

Mr. Grego, an eighth-grade math teacher, agrees. “Respect is important because it shows the value you have,” he said.

Teachers also explained why it is important that respect goes both ways between students and teachers at East Norriton.

“Respect is something that is mutual and should come from both parties,” Mrs. Garvey said. “I think if you have respect both ways, then more work gets done, test scores and quiz scores are better, and relationships are good.”

“It’s so important because respect is the first step to success in a student and teacher relationship and without respect you wouldn’t have that relationship,” Mrs. Maffei said. “Students need to know and feel that they are cared for and respected, and vice versa.”

“The relationship of a student and teacher will not be a healthy one if you don’t respect each other,” Mrs. Brennan said. “You should show mutual respect toward each other, and that’s the best way to be successful.”

“It creates a relationship or a connection if the teacher respects the student and the student respects the teacher,” said Mrs. Cairns, a sixth-grade math teacher. “Then they have a relationship and it is easier for them to work together.”

“If you do have respect for each other, then there is just a level of trust, comfort, and safety,” Mrs. MBuy said. Mr. Hutchinson said he thinks respect isn’t something people have to earn. He said everyone deserves respect. He even talks about it on the morning announcements.

Mrs. Brennan has some advice for those struggling with respecting others. “You should think about someone who means a lot to you and you love and think how you would like them to be treated by other people, and that’s how you should treat others.”

Overall, respect is supposed to be a comfortable thing for you, and others around you.

Illustration by Amber, James Logan E.S.

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