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Keep your community safe and clean
May 23, 2024

By Kyleigh and Sophia, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin | What exactly is a community? According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a community is a group of people living together as well as a group of people with common interests. In science, a community means plants and animals living together.

Caring for our community is important because it helps our community to be safe and clean, said Brother McGrier, global leadership teacher.

“Pollution doesn’t only hurt us, it also hurts animals,” he said. “Something we can do to stop it from hurting the animals and people is

that we can stop littering and start to throw our trash in the right trash can.” That means separating the things people recycle from the rest of their trash and putting those things in recycling containers.

Fifth-grade science and social studies teacher Ms. Driscoll agrees with Brother McGrier. “It is important to protect not only the surroundings but also our community,” she said.

“Protecting our community is more than just about pollution, though; it is also about protecting each other,” Brother McGrier said. “If you see someone who needs help, help them.”

Mrs. Brewster, an art teacher, said it is important to have a good community in school, too.

“When we are in a community and feel connected to people, it allows us to believe we can achieve things that we otherwise might not believe,” she said.

So in order to help both the environment and each other, make sure you’re paying attention to the community around you!

Illustration by Allison, fifth grade, East Norriton M.S.

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