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WATCH: An animated version of an original student comic
May 18, 2024

Eighth-grade artist Liliana Diaz’s original comic, “A Sticky Situation,” first ran in the Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier earlier this year. You also may have spotted it in the Spring 2024 edition of our By Kids, For Kids magazine.

Now, you can watch an animated version with voiceovers by Liliana and three of her Healthy Courier classmates!

The original comic is based on an experience Liliana wrote about earlier this school year. She reflected on the generosity of a person she didn’t know who gave her a small sum of money to complete a purchase at a local grocery store. The act of kindness fit into our Healthy NewsWorks’ theme this year, Caring for Our Community and Ourselves

“A Sticky Situation” will be part of a new Healthy NewsWorks film coming in June.

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