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Book review: The Star Keeper
May 13, 2024

By Dahlia, Aamilah, and Caroline Moctezuma, Davenport Healthy Press 

The Star Keeper 
Written and illustrated by Faith Pray

This book begins with a young girl who lives in a town that is dark and gray. The girl wishes for the lonely dark world to change.

One day, the girl finds a star in the fountain. She wants to keep it for herself, but she knows that the star has to shine. So she learns that she needed to help it spread its light.

The girl keeps trying to take it to different places where she thinks it will shine in the town, but no one wants to stop and see it. The star begins to fade. She feels down on herself and goes to hide under a bridge.

There she finds two small children who needed some light. So the girl breaks a piece of the star to share with them. That act of kindness leads to more acts of kindness toward others who are feeling down, and the star begins to get brighter.

The book teaches about kindness, which is helpful to our health. “One small act of kindness leads to another and another,” the book says. The girl learns about others’ feelings and how she can help make them feel better. The town grows brighter with each act of kindness and the people of the town begin to work together to help each other.

As the story begins, the illustrations in the book start off dark and gray, but then they change as the main character changes her actions to help the town.

The class liked the book. One hundred percent of the students gave the book a thumbs up. Here are some of their comments:

Sebastian said, “I liked in the end that the town learned how important kindness was to adding brightness to the town.”

Shylah said first graders to fourth graders would really like this book. She thinks that students who are these ages will really understand that this book is about spreading kindness.

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