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School helps us stay healthy in many ways
May 6, 2024

By Davenport Healthy Press reporters | When we go to school, we learn a lot more than reading and math. Our teachers and staff also help us learn to stay healthy physically and emotionally. This is important because how we feel about school can affect our attendance and how well we do, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Davenport Healthy Press reporters interviewed Mrs. McGlinchey, a fourth-grade teacher, about the ways our school helps students stay physically healthy. We participate in daily recess and gym class and take brain breaks in the classroom.

Ms. Fernandez, school principal, spoke about “The Second Step” program that every classroom uses. We learn how to set goals, control emotions, and have positive friendships. She also said our school follows the three Rs—Respect, Responsibility, and Reading—to help us mentally and emotionally. Teachers and staff are available to help any student who needs some individual time, Mrs. McGlinchey said. We also can take breaks to talk or take a walk.

Some other things Davenport does to keep students safe is practicing monthly fire drills and lockdown drills, Ms. Fernandez says.

Mrs. McGlinchey added that she provides a healthy snack in the classroom and explains healthy choices. She also suggests things she would like to see in school, such as hot breakfast and more nutritious choices. She would like to see students take more notice of how their behavior affects others. Everyone who is in a school building can work together to take care of the school community, says the National School Climate Center. Teachers, students, and staff should feel respected and socially, emotionally, and physically safe.

Illustration by Ameilia, seventh grade, MaST Community Charter.

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