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Recycle to keep our community clean
April 19, 2024

By Cole Manor Healthy Comet reporters | Recycling is something everyone can do to help keep their communities healthy.

At neighborhood parks, for example, you may see plastic water bottles thrown on the ground. If people took the time to recycle them, it would keep the parks cleaner.

Healthy Comet reporters watched a video from Learn Bright, “Recycling for Kids | Learn how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” Here is some information they discovered: 

What is recycling?

Recycling is taking used materials and turning them into new products that we can use again. Materials are sorted into different categories because each material is recycled differently.

Recycling is important to protect the

environment because it uses less energy and reduces pollution in the air, water, and land. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are three ways to help the environment.

Two ways you can recycle
  1. Instead of throwing away old socks, you could turn them into puppets.
  2. When packing lunch, use containers that can be washed and reused.
How paper is recycled

Paper is one of the most popular items to recycle. It is chopped into tiny pieces and then turned into a pulp by adding water. Next it is bleached and chemicals are added. Then it is made into new paper.

Other items that are commonly recycled include soda cans, glass containers, cartons, cardboard, and newspapers.

Recycling in East Norriton Township

East Norriton has guidelines around recycling and a pickup schedule. Learn more here.

Illustration by Liliana, eighth grade, Catholic Partnership Schools.

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