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Prevent bullying through kindness
April 17, 2024

By Cole Manor Healthy Comet reporters | Bullying can make kids sad, scared, stressed, or worried, according to, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website about how to identify bullying and stand up to it safely. In fact, bullying is one of the most common problems in public schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. also says that “being kind is one way kids can help make the school community stronger and even reduce bullying behavior.”

Healthy Comet reporters recently interviewed staff members about bullying and the importance of showing kindness.

Ms. Davis, School Counselor Intern, described bullying as “hurting someone.” She shared that this can be through the words students use toward each other. Mrs. Snyder, PBIS coach, said that bullying is “specifically targeting someone you want to hurt.”

According to school staff, Cole Manor works to prevent bullying by promoting three important school rules:

  • Be respectful 
  • Be safe
  • Be responsible

In addition, students can earn “flying high” cards when they behave and show those three guidelines. Ms. Davis said that Cole Manor uses classroom lessons to teach about kindness, speaking up for yourself, and preventing bullying. Mr. Turner, Lead Teacher, said that through the

PBIS program, students are rewarded for making good choices, which can also help reduce bullying.

Mrs. Caruso, fourth grade teacher, encourages students to “speak out about when they see bullying and think about the golden rule (treat others the way you want to be treated.)”

Mrs. Snyder said that Ms. Rathgeb shows her kindness by bringing her trash can in for her.

These types of “acts of kindness make everyone feel good, welcomed, and included. They help to make every day joyful in little ways,” Mrs. Snyder said.

Illustration by Maria, eighth grade, Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral School.

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