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Learning from experts at Temple University
April 16, 2024

Editor’s note: Healthy Courier reporters recently traveled to Temple University to spend a day learning from experts at the university’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. Below they reflect on what they learned from and about professional journalists.

From the time we arrived at Temple University, I could tell that this trip was going to be an experience that was not going to disappoint, and it didn’t.

In the video and voice class, the teacher let us record our own audio, even if it was embarrassing to hear! We also watched Temple’s news crew in action. I learned there are more than 30 people working to get a 5-minute segment on TV. I also learned news anchors don’t have to memorize any scripts. The words are on the cameras. 

Ms. Dawn treated us to a pizza lunch, after which we went to our last class of the day with four podcasters who talked to us about podcasting and the process.  I felt privileged to be a part of this Temple experience and I’m not going to forget it.  —Anthony Castro

Based on the three college classes we took, Temple University is an exemplary school. My favorite class was (without a doubt) the news class. We got to view the news anchors make various retakes and clips to perfect the final result. We saw how many steps and people it took to finish with the best outcome. I found it fascinating! I thought there were a lot less people involved, but I was proved wrong. This was one of the most educational field trips I’ve had in a while. Considering that this trip was meant to educate us, they managed to make it entertaining and fun at the same time! —Maria Rodriguez

My trip to Temple University was so educational and inspiring! I never had an idea about what college I’d like to attend or my future career, but by having a tour of Temple, I’ve seen how amazing this school is and it made me consider my choices of colleges.

The classes were so entertaining and I took in so much knowledge. We learned skills from photographers, news anchors, journalists, and even podcasters. Our first class was with Mr. Saleem. He taught us how to edit our voice recordings and showed us the pictures he took on his trips. Our next class was with the behind-the-scenes crew of the Temple News. Lastly, Mr. DiCarlo, a podcaster and journalist, talked about his experiences with journalism and podcasting with his friends.

Since we’re young journalists (and some podcasters), it was very helpful to hear advice from people who’ve been doing this as a lifestyle. This experience visiting Temple University was very helpful and pleasing! —Joanna Tran 

I would say my trip to the Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication was amazing. I was able to experience classes that ranged from photography, sports anchoring, and podcasting. These classes showed me what really goes behind what the community sees. I also learned how news and journalism are able to give back to our community. Overall, it was an astounding experience and I am glad I was able to go. — Holly Kim

Going to Temple University allowed me to come to the realization that I might not want to be a doctor, but instead, study to be a news reporter. It also made me realize that photography is essential for preserving communities and culture. Originally, I didn’t want to go to Temple, but now it seems like a place for me! —Dauda Fofana

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