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Helping your community is good for everyone
March 22, 2024

By James Logan Healthy Eagle reporters | School Nurse Mrs. McGarry said she helps the Logan community by giving families information about where to go when they are sick and inviting health programs to visit the school.

“I love working with and helping children and their families stay safe and healthy,” she said.

Helping your community can help with everyone’s mental health and physical health, according to Dr. Tracy Brower, a sociologist and author.

Working together can help solve problems in the community. For instance, Philadelphia resident Dave Brindley noticed a lot of litter around where he lived. “When we see litter on the ground, it can be a sign that people don’t care about the neighborhood, and that can make us feel bad,” he said in an article in the Healthy NewsWorks book Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities 2020.

He started a volunteer organization that motivates people to start cleaning up litter. He also mentioned that if there is a lot of trash, there could be more crime. Mr. Brindley also said that working together to help our community can build strong connections with our neighbors.

Mrs. McGarry recently brought to Logan the Eagles Eye Mobile, which partners with another group, Vision to Learn. They give children the opportunity to get their eyes checked and receive glasses, if needed. The program is free of charge. This helps the students see better and improve their reading. Mrs. McGarry said she loves organizing the eye program and being a school nurse.

Take a look around your community. Is there anything you can do to make it healthy and safe? Is there something that needs to be cleaned or repaired? Is there someone who needs a helping hand? If so, maybe you can be a leader and start a new program.

Illustration by Iuliia, seventh grade, MaST Community Charter School.

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