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Reporters reflect on a time when someone was kind
March 20, 2024

By William Cramp Fit Flyer reporters | Kindness isn’t just a really nice action people can show others.

It can also improve people’s happiness and well-being, according to doctors at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. They said that when someone behaves kindly, hormones are released that make the person feel good. Hormones are chemical messengers in the human body.

Below, several Fit Flyer reporters describe an act of kindness they experienced.

One day I was walking in the hallway and some- one said, “I like your hair.” And it changed my mood because it makes me happy when someone compliments me or says something nice about me.

One time, when I got ice cream and I was walking and I dropped my ice cream. But a kind man said ‘’I will buy you another one,’’ and I was so happy. I got a new ice cream and I said thank you. It feels good to be kind and get kindness back.

When I was on a trip, I had food and when it was lunchtime I lost my stuff to eat. A kind friend of mine, gave me some of his lunch. He gave me a sandwich and some of his candy. He was in my class. He was kind to me because he did not want me to have no food in my stomach.

Illustration by Iuliia, seventh grade, MaST.

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