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Learn to identify your emotions
March 13, 2024

By Emily and Starr, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin | Your mental health is important for your overall well-being, East Norriton teachers said in recent interviews with the Bulldog Bulletin.

“Keeping yourself mentally healthy is important because your mind is the epicenter of your body,” said Global Leadership Teacher Brother McGrier. “It is very difficult to do well and help others if you are not doing well yourself.”

“I think when our mental health is in a good place, that’s how we can be the best version of our- selves,” said Mrs. Bussell, fifth- and sixth-grade school counselor. “If I’m not in a good place, I can’t be in a good place for my students.”

“Mental health is keeping your mind and spirit healthy,” said English Teacher Mrs. Young. “It means taking care of thoughts and feelings.”

The teachers also had some tips on how to keep your mental health in check.

“You can help with your mental health by remembering to rest, take breaks, and remember to take time for yourself. Whatever that may be,” said Brother McGrier.

Mrs. Bussell said do something that makes you happy. “You can cook, breathe, talk to your friends. My friends help me when I’m feeling stressed.”

Ms. Driscoll, fifth-grade science and social studies teacher, said she tries to let her students know she cares. “I ask them questions about themselves. Hopefully, they know that I would do anything to protect them,” she said.

Mrs. Young said she has a “no put down” policy in her room. “That means people can’t make fun of people for what they say or do,” she said.

According to the KidsHealth website, here are three steps can help you deal with negative emotions:

  • No. 1: Identify the emotion. You might need to practice noticing how you are feeling.
  • No. 2: Try to fix it.
  • No. 3: Seek help if you need it. Find a trusted adult to talk to.

Mrs. Young said she is there for anyone who needs help.

“Students know, if they have a problem or question, they can talk to me or email me,” she said.

Illustration by Allison, fifth grade, East Norriton M.S.

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