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Following a routine can reduce stress
March 11, 2024

By Danielle and Charae, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin |  Following a schedule each day is important and doable, several East Norriton teachers told the Bulldog Bulletin.

It makes children feel safer and happier, which often leads to better behavior and cooperation, according to PBS Kids website. When they know what to expect and what’s expected of them, kids feel more comfortable and confident.

Take Mrs. Bussell, fifth- and sixth-grade counselor, who said, “I think it is always important to have a routine.

“I like having visual lists, so I use my Google calendar. … If there is an appointment, I can visually see that so that I don’t become overwhelmed because I forgot about it.”

Music Teacher Mr. Trujillo agrees with Mrs. Bussell. “I’m old-school, so I like to write everything down,” he said. “It’s good so I can look ahead and plan what’s going on.”

Mrs. Brewster, an art teacher, said it’s important to set up the tasks of your day.

“I think it is really important to prioritize what you have to have done and do those first,” said Mrs. Brewster.

Teachers said that getting a good night’s rest and having a balanced diet are also important to helping keep a healthy schedule.

“Part of keeping a healthy schedule is making time to eat good foods and making time for exercise,” Mr. Trujillo said.

“I think part of that is having a good sleep schedule, making sure you don’t have too much sugar, and making sure you have a good diet,” Substitute Teacher Ms. Malloy said.

“Keeping a balanced schedule is finding out what works for you. Setting a good sleep schedule is the start of it, I would say, making sure you’re getting adequate sleep every night,” said Health and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Stem.

Mrs. Elias, a health and physical education teacher, said, “A healthy schedule for every person is different. I think it takes time and practice for everyone to figure out what is right for them.”

Mrs. Elias also said it is more fun to be active with buddies because it helps keep you accountable.

“Mrs. McCann (English language development teacher) and I, we like to work out after school together. So sometimes we’ll run from here to the Farm Park together or we’ll do fun workout classes using the smartboard in her classroom,” Mrs. Elias said.

“Sometimes Ms. Brock comes and joins us too. So I think having a workout buddy makes you more accountable for sticking to that plan.”

The KidsHealth website has some tips to help you if you feel stressed. It says plan ahead by getting a wall calendar or personal planner. Stay ahead with your work and try not to fall behind. Listen in class because paying attention can pay off in the long run. And take notes, so you know what is going on and don’t forget.

Keeping a schedule is about “making sure you’re balanced and not running out of fuel every day,” said Ms. Pugliese, who teaches music. She has a four-legged way to help keep her grounded.

“I still try to make time to snuggle my puppy,” she said. “That makes me happy.”

Illustration by Danielle, sixth grade, East Norriton M.S.

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