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Teachers help in their communities
March 6, 2024

By William Cramp Fit Flyer reporters | Several William Cramp staff members recently told Fit Flyer reporters about how they help their communities.

Helping your community can make a difference in the mental health and physical health of people living there, according to Dr. Tracy Brower, a sociologist and author who studies how people interact with their communities.

Working together can help solve problems in the community.

For instance, Dave Brindley, a Philadelphia resident, encouraged people to pick up trash so more people would go outside to exercise or to enjoy being outdoors. More people being outside means there would be less crime in the community, Mr. Brindley said in the Healthy NewsWorks book Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities 2020.

Ms. Gates, a school-based teacher leader, said she helped with the Stratford Family Food Drive near where she lives. She said this program provides food to families in need in her community.

She said she enjoyed getting to help many families so that they can be happy. She said she would absolutely do this volunteer activity again.

Ms. Cabeza, also a school-based teacher leader, said she is a cheerleading coach in her community. She said she has “developed many athletes’ skills and provided coaching and mentoring,” which helps young people in the community.

“I keep doing it year after year because I love the sport and I love the kids,” she said.

Mrs. D’Angelo, an English language learner (ELL) teacher, said she brings canned food to her church’s food pantry. For the Cramp community, she greets students and parents in the mornings “to be sure that our students have a good day.”

Mrs. D’Angelo said she enjoys helping different people and would do it again because “it is the right thing to do.”

Ms. Thillet, a bilingual counselor, said she helps people communicate in Spanish and English. Bilingual means you are able to speak two languages equally well, according to Cambridge Dictionary.

She recently helped a family fill out papers for their child to register for school. She said she likes to share her knowledge of speaking two languages with the community. 

—By Fit Flyer reporters in Mr. Fitzsimmons’ room

Illustrations by Jimmy, fifth grade, William Cramp E.S.

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