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Book review: Dealing with worries
March 6, 2024

Reviewed by Healthy Trailblazer Journal reporters

Alma and the Worry Stone
Written by Sara Townsend 
Illustrated by Hannah Teakle

Alma is a kid who is starting at a new school and feels scared and worried. Her mom tells her to take out her worry stone and think of good memories or thoughts. The good thoughts will “slay the worries and bad thoughts to the ground.” Thirteen out of 14 reporters in Ms. Rivera’s second-grade class said they enjoyed this book.

“The book was cool because Alma had a worry stone to calm her worries,” said one reporter. It “was good because Alma’s worries went down,” another re-porter added. It was great because Alma’s worries didn’t come true,” said a third reporter.

We recommend this book for children in pre-K to grade 3. They would like the pictures and a secret animal on every page.

Contributed by Healthy Trailblazer Journal cub reporters.

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