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Teacher recalls healthy school environment
March 1, 2024

By Amara and Inquiry Healthy Owl Times reporters | Miss Jessica Furlong, Inquiry speech teacher, thanks her elementary school teachers and friends for creating a safe and healthy environment while she was a student.

She said that her school helped her stay physically healthy. It provided healthy lunches and a lot of fun sports to get involved in. The students played many games in gym class, which made them move their bodies. Miss Jessica’s school was in the North Penn School District, about 30 miles from Inquiry.

Her favorite thing about school was being able to learn with her kind friends, she said. They made her feel comfortable being at school.

Miss Jessica also said she enjoyed getting to know the amazing teachers who inspired her to become the teacher she is. The teachers were always there for her, she said, and she could go to them if she needed help. Miss Jessica has a recommendation for Inquiry students: Get involved in the after-school activities to continue to practice healthy habits.

Illustration by KeMya, Eleanor Emlen, 2022-23.

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