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Find ways to help your community
February 21, 2024

By Hancock Healthy Times reporters | You might think that health is just about visiting the doctor, exercising regularly, and eating healthy food.

But health is even more than that. It’s about neighbors taking care of neighbors. It’s about students looking out for each other.

Working together to solve problems can build strong connections and improve everyone’s health and well being, experts say.

“Our mental health and our physical health literally depend on being part of strong and capable communities,” wrote Dr. Tracy Brower on the website Dr. Brower is a sociologist. Sociologists study how people interact with their communities.

Are you looking for ways to help your community and show you care? Hancock Healthy Times reporters have come up with a list of ways you can help.

  • Recycle. It reduces the amount of trash that goes into landfills.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood. (Remember to use gloves!)
  • Be nice to everyone. 

Illustration by Allison, fifth grade, East Norriton M.S.

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