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Family event puts spotlight on health
February 19, 2024

By Hancock Healthy Times reporters | Hancock students and families recently participated in a wellness night event at the school.

Personal trainers, a local dental hygienist, and Hancock Nurse Mrs. Schunder attended the event to educate Hancock families on the importance of staying healthy. Greg Scott also attended. He represents Norristown in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

“I liked how families came together to learn new healthy habits,” said Mrs. Rambo, Hancock physical education teacher. She organized the event.

At the event, students participated in fitness activities, ate healthy food, and learned new ways to stay healthy.

Mrs. Schunder, Hancock’s school nurse, took people’s blood pressure.

You may have had your blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office. The test involves putting a band around your arm and tightening it in order to measure how hard the heart is working to push blood through a person’s body, according to, an award-winning health website. “Blood pressure can be too high or too low,” the website says.

Mrs. Schunder said the event was a good opportunity to do the blood pressure test. It “helped people know what their blood pressure reading is and that it is important to monitor it,” she said.

Illustration by Fern, fourth grade, Hancock E.S.

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