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Board welcomes attorney Conor Foley
February 17, 2024

Healthy NewsWorks is pleased to welcome attorney Conor Foley to its board as an observer for the next year.

Conor is an associate attorney with Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, in Philadelphia and a graduate of Penn Charter High School, Georgetown University, and Temple Law School. Previously, he held internships for U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and former Congressman Conor Lamb, and within the Department of Justice’s Aviation, Space & Admiralty Litigation Section.   

Conor believes Healthy NewsWorks makes an important contribution to school curricula, as it gives students a “writing-based project that isn’t just tied to a test or a textbook.”  

He likes Healthy NewsWorks’ focus on enabling students to identify and research health-related topics, often including field trips and interviews with experts. 

“I think that a lot of times, especially in schools that don’t have the resources to provide that type of exploration, it can be really key,” he said. Students also can learn a number of life skills via Healthy NewsWorks that extend beyond the classroom, such as writing and organizational skills, time management, how to communicate with others, and how to determine what is factual or not, Conor said. 

Conor served as anchor of his school’s news program in high school and took several journalism courses in college. He appreciates the value of journalists’ inherent job to “uncover the truth and to put it into the public domain so that people can then make decisions, be it political, personal, or governmental, based on that information.”  

The Board Observer Program is a partnership between the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, the Delivery of Legal Services Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association, and the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association. 

The program offers young lawyers the opportunity to serve on the board of a local nonprofit organization for a year, building connections within the community and benefiting both the observer and the participating organization. AJ Vogt served an observer with Healthy NewsWorks in 2023.  

See the full Healthy NewsWorks board here.

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