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Book review: The Girl Who Got Out of Bed
February 15, 2024

Reviewed by Eleanor Emlen Healthy Roar reporters

The Girl Who Got Out of Bed 
By Betsy Childs
Illustrated by Dan Olson

This book is about a girl who kept getting out of bed because she had trouble going to sleep. Then her dad helped her find a way to go to sleep.

In this book, students learned how counting can help.

Mrs. Haney’s first-grade cub reporters said they liked the book. The majority of students said they enjoyed hearing the book read aloud. Several reporters shared why they enjoyed the book:

  • “It helped me feel sleepy.”
  • “It was entertaining.”
  • “We learned a way to help us fall asleep at night.”

We think the artwork is done well because it connected to what was happening in the story. The illustrations were good and helped us enjoy the story.

A favorite part of the story was when Shirly said she forgot her ABC’s so she could find a new way to get out of bed. We recommend this book for children ages 3 to 10 because children around this age usually sneak out of bed at night and they can learn from this book how to stay in bed.

Contributed by Healthy Roar cub reporters.

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