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Why water is healthy
February 5, 2024

By Eleanor Emlen Healthy Roar reporters | Third-grade teacher Ms. Crump says she sips water throughout the day.

Water is important for our bodies to stay hydrated and healthy, according to the article, “Why drinking water is the way to go.” Our bodies need water to stay alive, and people can’t go more than a few days without it, according to the health experts.

Here are some other facts about water from the KidsHealth website:

  • Without water, your body wouldn’t work properly
  • Water helps keep your body temperature normal.
  • Water helps you digest food and get rid of waste.
  • Water makes up more than half of your body weight.
  • People need to drink water to survive.

Healthy Roar cub reporters asked Ms. Crump about her water-drinking habits. The answers have been edited.

Question: Do you use a reusable water bottle?
Ms. Crump: Sometimes I do. Depending on where I am at, I will use one.

Question: How or what do you refill your water bottle with?
Ms. Crump : I have a pitcher in my refrigerator at home and my sink has a filter that I use to refill my water bottle.

Question: How frequently do you drink water throughout the day?
Ms. Crump: I would say I probably drink about a liter of water every day. I will refill my water bottle twice and sip water throughout the day.

Question: Do you drink anything else besides water?
Ms. Crump: I enjoy drinking coffee and sometimes flavored water. The only type of flavored water I like is Welch’s lemonade flavor.

Question: Do you think you should drink more water daily?
Ms. Crump: I should probably drink more water throughout the day. But I do enjoy drinking coffee.

Question: Is there a specific type of water you like to drink?
Ms. Crump: I don’t really like water if it’s more expensive.

Question. What do you drink most throughout the day, coffee or water?
Ms. Crump: I drink mostly water throughout the whole day.

Illustration by Tahlia, eighth grade, East Norriton M.S., 2022–23.

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