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How a zoo visit helps your heart
January 12, 2024

By Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier Cub Reporters | Mrs. Bergen’s third-grade Cub Reporters recently visited the Philadelphia Zoo. They walked around and saw a lot of animals like tigers, bats, birds, goats, emus, and penguins. They learned about many types of animals. For instance: Fruit bats are mammals and nocturnal animals.

The zoo has a lot of green spaces for the animals and the visitors to explore. A green space is a community space made up of land instead of buildings, according to

Green spaces are good for your heart because they have room to exercise and can lower stress, says the American Heart Association.

Harley learned that animals like giraffes need trees and lots of green space. “I think green spaces are relaxing and awesome,” she said.

“The green space made me feel happy,” Martin said.

Other comments from reporters:

“The trip was good, cool, fun, relaxing, and calming.”

“I saw green spaces like bushes, leaves, grass, trees.”

“When I smell the green space, it smells like plants. When I touch the green space, it feels soft. I felt calm and relaxed.”

The Cub Reporters recommend a zoo trip for people of all age groups because if you like animals, there are animals. If you like green spaces, there are green spaces.

However, Julianna offered this advice: Don’t “go on a rainy day because you will get really wet.”

Illustration by Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier cub reporter.

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