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Helping your community is good for everybody
January 8, 2024

By Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier reporters | Collaboration means working together, according to

Take Miss Dorriane Judge, for example. She is a marketing associate for Catholic Partnership Schools. Miss Dora, as she is called by students, helps organize and advertise programming for the CPS school network.

During the summer of 2023, she taught middle school students photography and videography at the Community Learning Campus at St. Anthony’s in Camden. Miss Dora also has worked with students at St. Cecilia and Sacred Heart. Teaching the class had a positive impact on her community because “students were able to ex- press their creativity in a new way, in a new element,” she said.

“I like that I could see growth in my students be- cause they learned how to capture images,” Miss Dora said, adding that she would teach this class again. “I think it’s important for students to be ex- posed to different elements. I think students should be open to new and different ways to express their creativity, and not be afraid of new creative outlets.

Experts say working together as a community can help make community members feel safer physically and mentally. “Our mental health and our physical health literally depend on being part of strong and capable communities,” says Dr. Tracy Brower, a sociologist and author on Sociologists study how people interact with their communities.

Mrs. Berta Machdro, St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral assistant secretary, has worked with Nicaraguan-American community members and their families on a City of Camden project since June 2023. This project collects toys and sends them to families in Nicaragua for Christmas.

“We really hope to help the children always have something fun to play with,” Mrs. Berta said. Work- ing on this project helps the community because it has a positive impact and helps the parents use their money to pay for basic necessities.

She said the toys bring happiness to many kids. She said she would be involved in this project again because it is always a pleasure to give everything she can to help other people. “Ever since I was a kid, my parents would always give what they could to see other people happy,” said Mrs. Berta.

Healthy Courier reporters offered these ideas to help keep your community a positive place:

  • Clean up trash
  • Take care of the environment
  • Plant shrubs and flowers
  • Organize food and clothing drives
  • Donate money to local organizations

Illustration by Tori, eighth grade, DePaul Catholic School.

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