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Teachers recall healthy activities from childhood
December 27, 2023

By Cole Manor Healthy Comet reporters | Cole Manor teachers told the Healthy Comet recently that gym and recess were two healthy activities they enjoyed when they were in elementary school. 

They also said they appreciated that their schools had a no-bullying rule. Even though they were young, several mentioned that they had responsibilities that helped make their schools safe.

Cole Manor makes sure its building is clean and bright. The students practice fire drills, have recess, participate in gym, and have access to healthy lunches and drinking water.       

Students spend more than 1,000 hours in school every year, so schools can play an important role in supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

Schools provide drinking water, food, exercise opportunities, and outdoor time. In addition to looking after students’ physical health, experts say that schools try to be a place where kids feel safe and respected. They can learn and feel good mentally.

When she was a child, Mrs. Habari said her favorite part of school was gym class, especially the gymnastics team.

 “They had a gymnastics program and could go when they had time,” said Mrs. Habari, Cole Manor’s English language development teacher. “The gym teacher and all the staff kept us safe.”

She said she also was a school safety and walked with younger students before and after school.

Mrs. Piskai, a first-grade teacher, said her favorite part of elementary school was her fourth-grade teacher. Her “teacher made her feel safe.”  Healthy lunch, after-school sports, and physical education outside were ways her school helped her stay healthy, Mrs. Piskai said.

Mrs. Madara, a fourth-grade teacher, said her school helped her stay physically healthy. “We walked laps at recess,” she said. “Four laps was one mile and if we walked ten miles we got a class party.”

She said that everyone was kind and welcoming and she really felt like she belonged there. Mrs. Madara said that to keep her school healthy and safe she was a good friend and was never absent.

Dr. Speicher, the general music teacher, said he felt safe in school because people were kind and there was no fighting. He earned the President Physical Award by staying physically healthy.

Mrs. Sasso, instructional support teacher, said her school had gym class and recess every day. Wiffle ball and physical fitness challenges helped her stay physically healthy, she said.

Her school was a place where she felt safe. “My teacher protected me and didn’t allow me to be teased,” she said. To help keep her school healthy and safe, Mrs. Sasso was a bus safety guard where she would help younger students get on and off the bus safely.

Mrs. Sims, a fourth-grade teacher, said she participated in her first musical in fourth grade and had a positive experience. Her school helped her stay physically healthy by providing daily recess and a weekly gym class. One memory that stands out to Mrs. Sims is when she was able to stand up to her bully and feel safer at school.

Illustration by Kaylee, La Salle Academy.

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