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Sharing kindness
December 22, 2023

By Dauda, Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier | Kindness is something that everyone should experience and share with each other. The kindest thing that has ever happened to me was over the summer. I was out buying food for myself, but I didn’t have enough money at the fast food place I was at. So, behind me, a man I didn’t know paid for my food completely.

When I asked him why, his reply was, “because I saw you give to the homeless man outside. If you hadn’t done that you would’ve been able to buy food yourself.”

After that, I think the world changed around me. There wasn’t anything that I saw money-wise that I thought was too expensive for the world. If we all worked together, we could afford anything, food or shelter.                                         

—Dauda is in eighth grade.

Illustration by Alexandra, La Salle Academy.

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