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Camping recalled as a favorite activity
December 20, 2023

By Cole Manor Healthy Comet reporters | Two Cole Manor teachers said their favorite activity in elementary school was a camping trip.

When Dr. Speicher, the general music teacher, was in fourth grade the boys in his class went on a backpacking trip one weekend. The girls went on a backpacking trip on a separate weekend.

 “We hiked on the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey and camped on the ridge near Sunfish Pond at the Delaware Water Gap,” he said. “Everyone brought portable stoves, tents, and sleeping bags. We hiked for seven miles on the trail until we were up in the mountain and then set up camp. At night we had to tie our food up high in trees so that bears would not try to get into our camp to eat the food. In the morning we hiked the seven miles back out to our cars. It was so fun.” 

Mrs. Sasso, instructional support teacher, said she went on a week-long camping trip in elementary school. 

“We got to meet other sixth-grade students that would be at the same junior high school the following year,” she said. “Our week was filled with team-building activities and interesting classes about nature. I got to try many new activities such as kayaking. We had dances and sing-a-longs. I met one of my best friends at Camp Bernie. Teresa and I are still friends now. What a great school trip.”

Illustration by Aaron, Stewart M.S.

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