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Ways to make a difference
December 15, 2023

Editor’s note: DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal reporters are exploring the connection how communities  make a positive difference in people’s health. They reflected on ways they help or would like to help their neighbors and classmates.

“I would help my neighbors by doing worthy deeds like babysit, take out the trash for them, clean their porch, paint their house or fences, mow their lawn, or just check up on them and say ‘hi.’ ”—Emma

“I’ve helped my community by talking to everyone in my class at least one time throughout the day. Ways I want to help my community are by greeting everyone I see on my way to school, including the bus driver. I also want to interact with my neighbors more because I rarely talk to them.”—Noah

“I help my community by cleaning up the trash. I wish to have a club for children, just to talk and ask how they are feeling. We should have religion clubs to feel comfortable with different religions.”—Saniyah

“Ways that I have helped my community are by going to my community day care to help with the toddlers. I also help walking some of the little kids to school in my community. This makes me feel good because it lets me know that I’m a part of the positive change in my community.”—Laila F.

“Some ways that I helped my community is picking up trash and trying to greet people by doing hand gestures such as waving or even saying ‘hi’ to people walking down the street.”—Jamir

Illustration by Liliana, eighth grade, Catholic Partnership Schools.

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