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Book review: Meesha Makes Friends
December 1, 2023

Reviewed by William Rowen Healthy Roar Cub Reporters

Meesha Makes Friends 
By Tom Percival

This story is about a girl named Meesha who is sad because she finds it hard to make friends. So she makes some friends out of paper and glue. At a party, it was too noisy, so she hid under the stairs. She was crafting when a boy came over and wanted to join her. They became friends.

“The book was good because it had nice pictures,” said one kindergarten reporter.

“I liked Meesha’s art,” said another.

One kindergartener said, “it made me feel very good when she made a friend.”

The class recommends this book for all students up to 3rd grade because they think it could help someone who has a hard time making friends.

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