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Book review: Kindness Starts With You
November 29, 2023

Reviewed by William Rowen Healthy Roar Cub Reporters

Kindness Starts With You
By Jacquelyn Stagg

This story is about a girl named Maddy who shows how easy it is to be kind. One way that Maddy showed kindness was by being kind to the bus driver by asking him how his day was. She also was kind to her mother by saying “please” and “thank you” for making breakfast.

When Maddy was on the playground during recess, she saw someone fall down and she helped them up. During recess, Maddy also made sure to take turns on the swing. She ended the story by telling her dad all of the kind things she did for and with people she saw during the day.

“I liked it because she shared the swings with her friends,” said one kindergarten reporter. Another said “I liked the story because she was always being kind to others.”

Ms. Rubando’s class definitely recommends this book to other kindergarteners because, they say, “they have to be really kind and really nice inside and outside.”

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