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Yoga can help you relax and de-stress
November 15, 2023

By Eleanor Emlen Healthy Roar Cub Reporters | Yoga is a way to relax your body by breathing and stretching your muscles, according to, a website with trustworthy medical experts. Yoga can help calm you down when you are stressed.

When you have too much stress in your body, it can cause health problems, says

In yoga, you practice taking deep breaths. That can help you calm down and reduce stress, says

Yoga also can help you strengthen your muscles and bones, help you sleep well, and be more flexible, says

The website explains that some yoga poses are named after animals. Some animal poses are called cat-cow, downward dog, and cobra. Other poses are named after nature such as tree, mountain, and five-pointed-star.

Mrs. Thorn’s second-grade Cub Reporters gave yoga a try. Most students said they enjoyed the activity because it worked their muscles, got them moving, and helped them calm down.

If you ever feel stressed, try yoga, the reporters said.

Illustration by Kaylee, La Salle Academy.

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