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Video review: Why cities need trees
November 13, 2023

By Eleanor Emlen Healthy Roar reporters | Trees are important for our health and environment. Healthy Roar reporters viewed the TED-Ed video, What happens if you cut down all of a city’s trees?, to understand the importance that trees have to ourselves and our environment.

You can watch the video here:

YouTube video

It is an informative five-minute video produced by Stefan Al that explains the benefits that trees have on people and the environment. The narrator discusses two ancient cities: One was built around trees and thrived. The other city cut the trees down and it did not grow to be clean and healthy.

One fact that we learned in the video was that trees help the environment by filtering the air that you breathe. They also help clean the water that you drink. And tree roots also help keep soil from washing away during heavy storms.

Trees help people’s health. A study showed that hospital patients who had a view of trees healed more quickly than people who didn’t have a view of trees. Other research shows that trees also can reduce stress, according to the video.

Healthy Roar reporters recommend that you watch this short video because it gives a lot of information and teaches you about how trees are important to our minds, bodies, and environment. The video is great for students because it explains things clearly. It teaches you things that you may not realize that trees do for us.

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