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Book review: Inspiring story about cleaning up a beach
November 6, 2023

Reviewed by La Salle Academy Healthy News staff

Saving American Beach
By Heidi Tyline King Illustrated by Ekua Holme

This book is about MaVynee Betsch and how she saved American Beach, which was a special beach to her family in Florida. In this book, MaVynee takes on the responsibility of saving American Beach when plastic bags and litter piled up on it.

We enjoyed the story because MaVynee took good care of the beach by cleaning it, caring for it, and protecting it. She worked hard by picking up the trash by herself. We also feel Saving American Beach is inspiring for people who want to make a change and want to learn about Black history and the life of an inspiring famous woman.

We think the artwork is creative because it is colorful and has a lot of details.

We also liked many descriptive quotes from the book. One quote was “the sand shore became a stage” and another was “to spend forever enjoying American Beach.”

We recommend this book for kids ages older than age 5 because it may be difficult for younger children to understand. —By Healthy News staff

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