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Cub Reporters get tailor-made experience
October 13, 2023

Healthy NewsWorks’ newspaper program is designed to engage students as writers and readers—but did you know that we have special programs just for our youngest journalists? 

Our Cub Reporters are in grades K-3, and get a journalism experience tailor-made for them. The Cub Reporter program includes three tracks: 

  • Hearty Kids (5 lessons on physical health)
  • Super Snackers (5 lessons on nutrition)
  • Kind Kids (5 lessons on social/emotional skills) 

All lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards and National Health Education Standards.

Classrooms may complete one, two, or all tracks. Each lesson helps students learn and practice reading, writing, research, and reporting skills. Reporters help write and illustrate a junior section for their school’s health newspaper, Cub Corner. Cub Corner uses larger type and simpler sentences, making it friendly for young readers.

Interested in learning more about the Cub Reporter program, email Mia Blitstein, program manager, at mblitstein@healthynewsworks.org.

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