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Showing kindness is good for your health
September 15, 2023

By Holy Name Cub Reporters, Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier | Mrs. Gattinella’s kindergarten Cub Reporters have learned that being a kind friend is also good for your health. Friends can help us make good behavior choices, assist with social skills, help us reduce stress, and increase happiness, according to health experts at the Mayo Clinic.

The reporters practiced what they could do to be a good friend to a new kid at school. Here are some tips to follow to make a new friend.

Tip #1: SAY “HELLO” (Introduce yourself and find out your new friend’s name.)

Example: “Hi! My name is_____. What is your name?”

Tip #2: BE POLITE (Ask a question to get to know something about your new friend.

Examples: Where do you live? How old are you? What grade are you in?

Tip #3 BE KIND (Give a compliment to help your new friend feel comfortable.)

Examples: I like your sneakers. That’s a pretty dress. I like your glasses.

Tip #4 SHARE (Invite your new friend to share something with you.)

Examples: Would you like to sit with me at lunch? Would you like to play soccer?

Illustration by Arely, sixth grade, Stewart M.S.

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