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Summer reading ideas from HNW
July 17, 2023

During summer school vacations, skills can slide, which is why teachers often assign summer reading to keep their students on pace. 

Healthy NewsWorks students reviewed books about the environment and climate change for their school newspapers this year. A number of them appeared in our first-ever magazine, By Kids, For Kidswhich was published in April. Read their recommendations and share these titles with young readers you know.

Microplastics and Me
Written by Anna Du

They are all around us: in the ocean, on mountaintops, and in the streets. They are so tiny you often can’t see them. But they are causing problems.

They are microplastics.

In the book Microplastics and Me, then-12-year-old Anna explains what microplastics are and how she created a special robot that helps find them.

Anna Du writes all about the way she built her robot to help with removing microplastics from the environment. In this book, readers learn how plastic can affect the Earth.

We felt the book was interesting to read because it gives students good advice on how to help the environment and what they can do even at a young age. We think the artwork is fascinating because it shows Anna Du building her robot and using it to sample the water.

We recommend this book for children ages 9 and above because some younger kids might not understand the meanings of big words.

—By Dalia and Sorielys, 5th grade, William Cramp Fit Flyer

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Of course, reading our entire Spring 2023 Magazine, any of our books, and our By Kids, For Kids site are wonderful ways to be entertained and keep literacy skills fresh this summer!

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