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Book review: The Water Princess
July 17, 2023

Reviewed by Miley, Gotwals Healthy Press

The Water Princess
Written by Susan Verde
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

This book is about a little girl named Gie Gie in Africa. She and her mother walk every day to get clean water from a well. They walk in the hot sun because they do not have any water where they live.

The water is not clean when they get it. They have to clean the water by boiling it. They use the water to wash clothes, cook, and drink.

This book teaches us that we are lucky to be able to drink water when we want. We don’t have to travel far to get it. The pictures show us a vision of what life is like for Gie Gie. The pictures show us the hard work that is done to get the water.

My whole class liked the book. One of my friends said she “liked the pictures in the story, and Gie Gie looks like me!” Another friend said she “liked that I got to see real pictures at the end of the story.”

I think all kids would like this book because it’s a good story and it is important to know and understand how things are in other countries.

—Miley is in third grade.

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