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Museum visit lets students see science up close
July 11, 2023

Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier reporters from St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral School recently visited the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. They had a chance to explore all of the exhibits and also were given a private tour of the labs where many scientists work. Scientists who work at this museum study the natural world.

The student journalists were led by ecologist Dr. Tim Maguire. Here are some of the reporters’ reflections on the experience:

The most interesting part for me was when we got to go into the labs. I got to see all the equipment that they used to test and filter the water. I had the chance to see a piece of microplastic, which are tiny pieces of plastic. My group got to go to the collections where all the preserved dead animals are. We got to see whale, lice, and other creatures that were preserved. —Damin

Until I was introduced to the Healthy NewsWorks, I never paid any special attention to the environmental damage in our own neighborhood. This school year with them has made me consider the conversation of the planet differently, and I’m glad I was able to expand on that thought through our visit to the academy. —Thabata

The most surprising part for me was when Dr. Maguire took us to the room with reptiles and all different types of invertebrates in jars. Another part of the trip that surprised me was when my group got to see a preserved seal. I would definitely recommend the Academy of Natural Sciences to other kids because it was amazing! They had so many different types of animals there. The whole experience and all the rooms were surreal. They had some animals I hadn’t even heard of. —Maria

The trip that we had was very much different from normal trips we would take. In this field trip we got to see more of the behind the scenes. We also got to see real animal fossils. There is one thing that really caught my attention. They had an animal library. It was like a book library, but instead of books you can find all types of animals. It was really cool because there were animal species from all over the world and from old times. —Adriel

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