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Students reflect on what they learned
June 20, 2023

Part of Healthy NewsWorks’ goal is to equip our reporters with multiple academic and life skills. We were curious to find out whether they were applying the information they were researching for their newspapers outside the classroom. So as the 2022-23 school year wound down, we asked them to tell us something they had learned as a reporter that they used somewhere else in their lives. Here are some of their responses:

“I learned about the risks of social media. With this information I started using my social media more productively.” —Eighth grader

“I have tried to stop using my phone so much and it’s great.” —Fourth grader

“I learned that walking is good for the Earth and your body, so I walk every day with my mom and sisters. Every time we go to school or need to go to the store, we walk.” —Fifth grader

“I told my parent about mostly carbon dioxide and that we should walk more often than drive because driving releases carbon dioxide and walking doesn’t do anything but keep you healthy.” —Fifth grade

 “I learned how to cite my sources, and I was able to use it in my other classes throughout school.” —Eighth grader

“I bought an actual water bottle instead of a non-reusable water bottle.” —Fifth grade

“When I was stuck in the park with my friend and it was very hot, we drank water a lot and put a blanket down under a lot of trees to cool down.” —Fifth grader

Illustration by Chinwe, eighth grade, Catholic Partnership Schools.

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