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Teachers share love of gardening
June 13, 2023

By Hancock Healthy Times staff | Several Hancock teachers said they love to grow their own flowers and vegetables.

Mr. Moskal, a fourth-grade teacher, said he has gardened year round for many years. He has six raised beds in his backyard. Mr. Moskal likes to prepare a sketch and measure his garden plots in order to prepare them.

He plants tomatoes, peppers, herbs, strawberries, and cucumbers. Tomatoes are his favorite things to grow because there is “nothing like a homegrown tomato.”

Mr. Moskal said he feels that everyone should try and plant and grow their own garden. He encourages you to use containers if there is not space in your yard for a garden.

From his dad, Mr. Moskal heard that “a garden is a promise for the future.” Mr. Mosal said that “there is something about connecting with the soil and Earth. I find it fascinating that we can actually grow our own food.”

Ms. Paradis-Beland (also known as Ms. PB), said she enjoys gardening and all the colors that pop up each year. When figuring out what to plant, Ms. PB said you need to consider the amount of light that is in the area in your garden, other plants that are already there, and the bloom time of each flower or vegetable planted.

Ms. PB said she feels relaxed when she gardens and the colors bring her joy. “My favorite plant to grow is lily of the valley because it smells amazing,” she said.

Mrs. Barnshaw, a first-grade teacher, said she has enjoyed gardening since she was little. Her family had gardens and everyone would work together weeding and planting each spring.

Lately, Mrs. Barnshaw said, she has spent more time chasing her twin boys around than gardening. She cannot wait to share her love of gardening with them. She is eager for them to plant flowers and vegetables to enjoy as a family. Mrs. Barnshaw said gardening is a way for her to relax and relieve stress. She also likes the idea of growing her own vegetables.

Illustration by Scotlyn, Hancock Healthy Times.

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