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Tips for building resilience
April 11, 2023

By Stewart Healthy Times staff | Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after a difficult circumstance, according to, an award- winning website. 

Sixth-grade reporters interviewed Stewart staff members to learn how they apply resiliency in their jobs. School Police Officer Mr. Kane said he helps students make the right choices. 

Officer Kane said he has experienced difficulties in life that have helped him build resiliency. He uses skills he learned to help other people in difficult situations. 

Resiliency can help you achieve goals, he said. He also said that you need to start with little goals and don’t give up. 

“Kids can build resiliency by start- ing with little goals and then moving on to bigger or harder goals,” he said. 

You should start by focusing on the present and making responsible decisions in your life because “whatever you do can impact the world,” he said. Officer Kane also shared the 7 C’s he applies in his job. They are: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control. 

What helps PBIS Coach Ms. Myers handle a challenging situation is “having a great support system and also being able to get back up and try again.” 

Ms. Myers said resilience helps you to be a strong-minded individual and builds a person’s character. 

“Kids can build resilience by being able to adapt to change and being flexible in certain situations,” she said. 

She shared some tips for children to reduce the impact of climate change. They can stop littering and be cautious about what they are putting in the environment. 

“Kids can build resilience by talking to adults and friends, knowing who to talk to in times of need, and being healthy and happy,”said Dr. Deminico, instructional support teacher. 

Resiliency skills are important “because life is full of challenges and obstacles,” she said. “And how we handle them defines the outcome.” 

She added that the youth today “can make a change.” 

Dr. Deminico shared these tips for adapting to climate change: “Read and become well informed and know good sources. Be involved. Be active in your community.” 

Dr. Devitt, interim assistant principal, said that wise colleagues have helped him handle a challenging change. 

“People who will give me trusted and honest answers help me a lot,” he said. 

Dr. Devitt said resilience is important because life has challenges and resilience helps people deal with these challenges. Kids can build resilience by monitoring the voices in their head, he said. 

Illustration by Michael, sixth grade, Stewart Healthy Times.

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