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Experiencing nature
March 21, 2023

By Dahlia, William Cramp Fit Flyer | I learned that some bugs/insects are called macroinvertebrates. They have no backbones. Also, don’t walk in the tall grass because that’s where the ticks are that can bite you. Ranger Bri told us that you can tell if a duck is a boy or a girl by looking if there’s a green or striped mark on their head. (Green stripes or marks means it’s a boy.) 

My favorite part of the trip  was when we got to take pictures and experience nature. I loved everything we captured. We learned a lot from Ranger Bri. I also liked the part where she let us touch the thing that looked like a mini version of a crab/lobster.

I recommend going to John Heinz because it’s full of nature and it’s interesting learning about this kind of stuff.

—Dahlia is in fifth grade. Read more about her trip to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum.

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