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Teachers explain why they walk
March 7, 2023

By Cole Manor Healthy Comet reporters | Several Cole Manor teachers said they like taking walks to see neighbors, spend time outdoors, and to get exercise, according to recent interviews with Healthy Comet reporters.

Walking is not only good exercise, but it is also good for the Earth, according to

Environmental experts say that walking is a great option for “greener transportation.” Cars, buses, and trucks give off carbon dioxide and other gases that are contributing to warmer temperatures around the world. The warmer temperatures are leading to changes in the climate. For instance, some places are getting more rain and other places are getting less, according to NASA scientists. When more people walk, they often drive less, which means less carbon dioxide in the air. If people switched from driving to walking or biking for short trips, it would save gasoline and keep millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency experts.

Dr. Speicher, the music teacher, said he enjoys going for walks with his wife twice a week. On their 30-minute walks, he said he likes to enjoy the scenery. If you’re feeling unmotivated to walk, Dr. Speicher said, use a fitness app on your phone.

Mr. Norton, the instrumental teacher, also said he enjoys walks with his wife. It’s a time for them to talk about their days. They enjoy walking through their neighborhood because they get to see their neighbors. When the weather is bad, Mr. Norton said he heads to the gym to get in his walk. Mr. Norton recommends walking because exercise helps you stay healthy.

Mrs. Snyder is the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) coach and she said she likes to get exercise on her walks with her mother. They try and do this twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. They walk in either her neighborhood or her mom’s neighborhood. She said she likes to walk in the rain and cold weather. But when she can’t walk outside, Mrs. Snyder said she’ll also take walks in the grocery store and mall. Going for walks feels good, Mrs. Snyder said, but sometimes she feels tired after work and wants to go home.

Ms. Smull, a third-grade teacher, said she likes walking every day. She starts the day on a walk by herself. At lunch, she enjoys going for walks with Mrs. Kim, a third-grade teacher. When she gets home, she likes taking her kids out for a walk. She enjoys walking her own neighborhood because it’s cute, she said. Walking helps her feel better and happier.

Illustration by Antonio, fourth grade, Cole Manor Healthy Comet.

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