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Tracking our trash
February 27, 2023
Illustration by Chinwe, 8th grade, Catholic Partnership Schools

By Chinwe, Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier | In the morning, I throw out tissues, which are made out of biodegradable cellulose fibers (Kleenex). I also throw out paper towels which are made out of paper.

In the afternoon, we get a snack at school that usually has plastic covering on it. At lunch our food is on a tray. That tray is made out of Styrofoam. Sometimes our lunch is prepackaged. The packaging is usually foil. The milk cartons we drink out of are made out of paper.

In our after-school program, we are given a snack and its packaging is plastic.

At home, I always eat with glass plates and cut- lery. I also use toilet paper and paper towels.

I can reduce my amount of trash by learning to reduce paper towel usage. I can do this by ripping them in half.

—Chinwe is in eighth grade.

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