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Cub Reporters hard at work
February 24, 2023

Healthy NewsWorks’ youngest students, our Cub Reporters, are hard at work reporting and illustrating special sections of their school newspapers.

Cub Reporters are in kindergarten through third grade, and participate in our Hearty Kids (five lessons on heart health) and Kind Kids (five lessons on social/emotional skills) tracks. (Some lucky classrooms complete both tracks!)

In the lessons, all aligned with National Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and National Health Education Standards, our Cub Reporters learn and practice reading, writing, and research skills.

In recent special sections, Cub Reporters have shared tips on de-stressing; interesting facts about the human heart (did you know that older people’s hearts beat more slowly than babies’?); and data on how much sleep animals need to function (our reporters were surprised to learn that spiders don’t sleep at all!).

This year, Healthy NewsWorks has worked with Cub Reporter classrooms at DePaul Catholic School, Cole Manor Elementary School, Wissahickon Charter School, Eleanor C. Emlen Elementary School, and Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral School, with even more programs starting this spring.

Check out all of our participants’ work in recent editions of school newspapers.

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