2023 Film

Caring for Our Earth and Ourselves

The newest film from Healthy NewsWorks is coming soon!

The student-reported film, broken into two 10-minute segments, feature interviews with therapists, scientists, and a park ranger, and are focused on the impact of climate change on our physical and mental health. Students also produced illustrations, photographs, and even an animated segment focused on eco-anxiety.

“We were excited that our reporters were able learn about environmental issues and share ways individuals can make a positive impact,” said Marian Uhlman, Healthy NewsWorks’ executive director.

The film was completed under the direction of filmmaker Rodney Whittenberg, who partnered with Healthy NewsWorks on the project.

The morning news show–style production was filmed live at Healthy NewsWorks’ 2023 Spring Celebration, and includes interviews, news briefs, and special guests. “The only thing we didn’t do was the weather,” Rodney jokes.

Check out the promo of the full film below.

Want to dig deeper?

We’ve created a page about caring for our Earth and ourselves that includes our students’ book, video clips, and activities that you can be shared in your classroom or at home.

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