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Reporters explore health, climate links
December 10, 2022

Our Healthy NewsWorks reporters this year are considering how health and the environment are linked—especially when it comes to climate change. Importantly, they are figuring out how they can do something positive. Here are some of their thoughts:

Walking is good for the climate because it helps create less air pollution and doesn’t harm air quality. Walking is good for your health because it puts you in a better mood, helps you sleep well, builds your muscles, and plays a role in keeping your heart healthy.  —Kayaira, eighth grade, DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal

To make a difference in the world, I will stop leaving lights on, recycle water bottles, and bike or walk to school to reduce pollution and save energy. I will also use reusable water bottles instead of bottled water, and drink tap water. —Edrian, fifth grade, William Cramp Fit Flyer

I would plant multiple trees, because trees produce oxygen, so I feel that planting a tree would help the environment and many living organisms. It would also create food for living creatures. —Antonio, fourth grade, Cole Manor Healthy Comet

We currently have 15 school newspaper programs in full swing, and we expect a 16th school to join our network in January. Reporters currently are researching the environmental and health benefits of walking, of eating locally grown produce, and drinking water from reusable bottles.

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