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Considering the impacts of climate change
December 10, 2022

By Logan, Josh, and Riley, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin | According to the United Nations, climate change is a very serious issue affecting all humans. The U.N. defines climate change as long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. This can be natural or from human activities like burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. 

The U.N. says there are many effects of climate change on earth. Climate change has made hot days and heat waves more common. Climate change has also increased heat-related illnesses. Wildfires also start more easily and spread rapidly. 

Logan, an eighth grader at East Norriton Middle School, said he feels climate change should be stopped. “We should do everything we can to stop it,” Logan said. “I feel that we as humans don’t care about climate change, and that’s why it is so bad.” 

Josh, also an eighth grader at ENMS, said he is scared for the future because of climate change. “It has been affecting our earth year by year. Climate change makes me feel very anxious for the future of our earth,” Josh said. “When I think of the words climate change, I think of natural disasters getting worse and worse.” 

Eighth grader Riley said when she thinks of the words climate change, she thinks of how the world is being changed. “I think that climate change is not a good thing. Climate change is kind of destroying the Earth, wildfires are starting all over the world and slowly changing the Earth, and not in a good way.” 

—Logan, Josh, and Riley are in eighth grade.

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