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Go on a sensory scavenger hunt
September 23, 2022

By Inquiry Charter Healthy Owl Times reporters | One way to start practicing mindfulness is to use your five senses to help you pay attention to what’s around you right now. The Healthy Owl Times recommends taking a sensory scavenger hunt. 

This activity can be done in your classroom, school, or home. Use your five senses to identify things you enjoy. If it is not practical to walk around the classroom, you may think of things you like to see, touch, smell, hear, or taste. 

Neveah, 5th grade, La Salle Healthy News

Sense #1: Sight: Find five things you love to look at. List them on a piece of paper. They could be things like a stuffed animal collection, a Lego collection, or the trees outside. 

Sense #2: Touch: Now, find four things you love to feel, such as a special book, a sweater, a snuggly blanket, or a pet. 

Sense #3: Smell: Next, find three things that are lovely to smell. These could be fresh laundry, a warm drink, a candle, or a flower. 

Sense #4: Sound: What are two sounds around the house or school that you like? These could be birds, wind chimes, or music. 

Sense #5: Taste: Finally, what is something that you love to taste? 

Share your findings with your classmates or family. 

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