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Seasoned educator joins HNW staff
September 16, 2022

An additional teacher has joined the Healthy NewsWorks teaching staff. 

Eve Smith

Eve Smith, M.Ed., has more than a decade of experience as a classroom teacher, with a focus on English Language Arts curriculum for elementary students. Additionally, she has extensive experience facilitating remote learning.

“I was drawn to the program because of the mission that HNW strives to fulfill to the school and community,” Smith said. “Providing students with experience to think critically, question their world and environment, interview, and work beyond what they think is possible is invaluable work to all individuals.”

In addition to her classroom experience, Smith worked with the Children’s Literacy Initiative as a literacy coach for Philadelphia-area students. She has a bachelor’s degree in education with a minor in psychology from Temple University and a master’s degree in education from Holy Family University. She joins Healthy NewsWorks as a program associate.

“As a former teacher, instructional coach, and mom of a second grader; I see the value of creating excitement around writing through a journalistic lens while connecting it to their everyday life,” Smith said. “I am excited to be part of an organization that provides an amazing experience for the school and community.”

Smith will work with program manager Mia Blitstein, M.S.Ed., program associates Sarah Lowing, M.Ed., and Ginger Ragland, M.Ed., and community manager Diane Davis.

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