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Reducing stress through Zentangle
September 13, 2022

By Gotwals Healthy Press reporters | Stress is the feeling when you’re worried about something, according to Experts say too much stress can be bad for your health. 

To reduce stress, Ms. Quinn’s fourth-grade students tried an art activity called Zentangle. First, we drew four dots in the corners of our paper. Then, we connected them to make a rectangle or a square. Inside the rectangle or square, we drewt hree to five free-form lines to divide up the space. In each section created by the lines, we drew different patterns. 

“I thought it was fun,” Emanee said. “I enjoyed doing all of the squiggly lines and patterns.” 

Zentangle by Briana, 4th grade

One student said: “I thought it was calming. And if someone was having stress right now, this could have helped them.” 

“It was fun and I liked the patterns,” another said. “I liked the lines the best.” 

Though some students were tired before and after the activity, 15 out of 19 students enjoyed trying Zentangle. 

We recommend Zentangle for kids in third grade and up. One student said that if you were younger, you wouldn’t know as many patterns that would make the drawing interesting.

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