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Tips for making new friends
July 7, 2022

By Joseph W. Catharine Healthy Cougar Cub Reporters | Did you know that friendship can be good for your health?

Illustration by Colleen, La Salle

A friend can help you feel happier, deal with tough times, and choose healthy habits, according to a well-respected healthcare organization called the Mayo Clinic.

After learning about friendship, third-grade cub reporters put together a list of how to be a good friend and include people who may feel left out or lonely.

The tips include:

  1. Say hello and introduce yourself.
  2. Pay attention when someone is alone.
  3. Invite people to play with you and your friends.
  4. Don’t just stay with the same people all the time. Make friends with different people.
  5. Be kind and use good manners.

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